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Great Skateparks: A Planner's Checklist For Success!

High Quality Design
(designed by people who completely understand both skateboarding and skatepark design ... must be accomplished skater and currently skating ... resulting in skateparks that cater to the continued development of all skateboarders, experienced skateboarders determine who these qualified designers are)

High Quality Concrete Construction
(built by people who completely understand both skateboarding and the specialty trade of concrete skatepark construction i.e. experienced skateboarders who are also professional skatepark builders)

Adequately Sized
(enough room for everyone to play)

Balance of Uses
(vert + street)

Provides for All Skill Levels
(from a place for beginners to learn without getting run over by more experienced skaters through completely expert areas and everything in between)

Ability to Attract and Retain Users
(potential to build ownership and community)

Ability to Attract Multi-age Users
(potential for interaction and self-policing)

Accessibility to Users
(walking distance / transit access)

Lights, Power, Water, Garbage Cans, and Respectable Restrooms
(drinking fountain and hose connection)

Season Extenders
(roof / cover: permanent, seasonal, or weather permitting full or partial roof / cover to extend usability by keeping areas dry / shaded, radiant heating in concrete: to dry skate surfaces after precipitation, to prevent condensation on skate surfaces)

No Fence
(protect pedestrians and spectators from the action where necessary, but don't enclose / cage the skatepark)

Located in Highly Visible Area Within the Town Center or Other Well-Traveled Vibrant Location, also Highly Visible Area Within New or Existing Multi-purpose Parks
(not isolated from other people and other uses, best if there's pedestrian traffic along skatepark, corner location preferred, skateparks are both supported by and contributors to the vibrancy of their location.)

Sun and Shade


Expansion Potential

Integrated Seemlessly Into Adjacent Landscaping / Adjacent Surfaces Are Compatible
(create park atmosphere with landscaping that balances pavement, keep dirt, mulch, bark, gravel, etc. contained / isolated and away from skate surfaces in order to reduce maintenance and increase safety, use care in placement of trees because litter from trees increases maintenance)

Spectator Gallery / Galleries
(accommodations for passive enjoyment)

Community Gathering Potential
(accommodations for skatejams and competitions)

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