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  Scott Shinn lives in Ballard with his family and has been skateboarding since 1986. A former high school and college debate coach, Scott received an M.A. in Speech Communication from UW in 1995 and works as a computer programmer. Scott also enjoys running, skiing, martial arts, and mountaineering.

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  Kate Martin lives in Greenwood with her family and works as a residential remodel designer and construction manager specializing in seamless integration of homes with gardens. Kate received a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from SUNY ESF in 1979.

In 2005, Kate built a concrete skatespot in her front yard for her two boys with consultation by Spectrum Sk8Park Creations Ltd.

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  Kevin Hilman lives in Lake City with his family and has been skateboarding off and on since 1985.

When not skateboarding, Kevin works as an independent computer consultant, enjoys skiing and sitting down to a good meal with good friends.

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  Crystal Perry lives in Greenwood with her family and is a University of Washington graduate. She most recently worked in the pharmaceutical industry but currently is a stay at home mom and volunteers for various non-profit organizations. When not driving her son to different skate parks, Crystal also enjoys basketball, skiing, hiking and triathlon.

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  Jennifer Stephens lives in Wallingford with her family - Mike, Cash and Elly - all of whom skate. Tired of sitting on the sidelines at the original Ballard Bowl, Jennifer started skating in 2003 and hasn't stopped. When not skating, she works as a marketing and public relations consultant, co-chairs the John Stanford International School PTSA, and attends the Evans School at UW. Jennifer also enjoys cross-country skiing and mountain biking. The Stephens-McClane family motto: "The family that recreates together stays together."